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PetShops.com domain name statistics:

  • 22 years old. Registered July 1996.
  • A “category killer” domain name with 2.24 million monthly searches. (Source: KeywordSpy)
  • Approximately 4,450,000,000 results for “pet shops” in google search.
  • Approx CPC: $0.85c – $1.15+
  • Estibot valuation: $164,000.00 USD
  • A descriptive, relevant, keyword dotcom in a $70 billion industry in the US alone.
  • The worlds largest pet retailers ALL compete for the exact keyword: “pet shops
  • The recession-resistant pet sector is hot and trending, with consistent growth for over 24 years, and many recent large acquisitions.
  • Very high CTR. >6%

If you are looking for a premium domain to monetize, then this is the one. It is descriptive, relevant and versatile;

1. Pet products and price comparisons.  (Rehub theme) etc…
2. Vendor stores.  ( WooCommerce Product VendorsDokanReDokan theme ) etc…
3. Pet shop directory. ( ListifyMyListing theme, or Brilliant Directories ) etc…
4. Affiliate coupons.  ( RehubCouponer) etc…
5. Industry news + Adsense/other advertising.  ( MH Magazine theme ) etc…

Or, alternative uses:

6. Pointing online traffic to an existing pet business.
7. Domain parking with potential advertisement income.
8. A solid investment for future resale.

Note: As an Amazon affiliate site, the “Pet” category currently offers the second highest commissions payable at 8% per sale. Four times more than T.v’s and digital video games! Click here for info >>

Strong, non-seasonal trend for keyword: “pet shops”

Pet Shops Trends
Keyword: "pet shops" is a trending search term, demonstrating consistent, non-seasonal popularity.

US Pet Industry Statistics:

North America has the largest share of the global pet industry, with approximately $70 Billion in turnover for 2017. Pet industry expenditure has experienced growth every year, for over 24 years. Over two thirds of all US households own at least one pet. Over 60 million US households own a dog. Over 47 million own at least one cat. There are well over 350 million pets owned in the US.

US pet industry stats 2017-2018. Click here to read article >>

Top 25 US pet retailers 2018. Click here to read article >> 

USA pet shops
Some of the largest pet retailers in the US. (note the two-word titles).

UK Pet industry Statistics:

 45% of UK households (13 million) own a pet. This figure is 600,000 more than last year and rises to 53% when looking at households with children. 26% of UK households own a dog while 18% own a cat. (At least one). The UK market has also experienced steady growth and several large acquisitions have been made in recent years. Currently, “Pets At Home” is the UK’s largest pet retailer with over 430 shops across the country.

Pets corner acquires rival “Pampurred Pets”. Click here to read article >>

Comparable Domain Name Sales:

PetShops.com (at auction now) (search volume: 2.44m/mo) (Google results: 4.45bn) 

PetSupplies.com (sold for US$75,000.00) (search volume: 1.22m/mo) (Google results: 1.16bn) 

WorkShops.com (sold for US$48,000.00) (search volume: 1.83m/mo) (Google results: 774m) 

CarStore.com (sold for US$82,500.00) (search volume: 450k/mo) (Google results: 861m) 

SmartWatches.com (sold for US$55,000.00) (search volume: 2.9k/mo) (Google results: 35.3m)

CashOut.com (sold for US$95,000.00) (search volume: 201k/mo) (Google results: 230m)

MyVid.com (sold for US$75,000.00) (search volume: 90.5k/mo) (Google results: 75.7m)

GroceryBox.com (sold for US$37,000.00) (search volume: 3.6k/mo) (Google results: 75.5m)


Four of the top five highest domain sale prices recorded, are two-word keyword dotcoms. PetShops.com is a vintage classic domain name, registered in 1996, even before the dotcom bubble. It is a descriptive, relevant keyword domain, which can have a multitude of end uses, potentially dominating this industry.

Unlike many other “Ultra-premium” domains, this one is relevant and can be easily monetized in a variety of different ways. When customers need to find pet shops, for either products or services, they type in “pet shops”.

It is also one of the few keyword phrases that is commonly used in non-english speaking countries. As an investment, the pet industry trends could positively affect the future value of this asset:

  • Strong and consistent, non-seasonal search queries for the term “pet shops”
  • Consumer spending on pets is steadily increasing.
  • New niches developing within the pet industry.
  • Recent large acquisitions in the pet industry, globally. Example: (chewy.com @ $3.35 Billion USD)
  • Strong recent sales for two-word keyword dotcoms
  • Rising interest in rare, undeveloped dotcoms.


Please contact us via the online form, with any questions related to the sale of this domain name. PetShops.com is expected to sell at auction, and will have a low reserve, set at only a small fraction of the estimated value.This might be the last time this domain is offered to market in an undeveloped format, and at an affordable price.

Disclaimer: Please conduct your own due diligence prior to placing a bid at auction. The above information was obtained from reputable sources, but we can not confirm 100% accuracy of this market data. Google occasionally returned over 5 billion results for “pet shops”, and sometimes less than 4 billion. (sources: Google, A.P.P.A, KeywordSpy, Estibot, Wikipedia, Forbes.com + more).
Thank-you for your interest.